Little  story


Leica M story


Hara Chair Story



2001. Hwanghak-dong

2001. The village people

2001. The Gwang island

The country stations of Jungsun 2001.

The Dobong Mt. 2002.






 The shaman







The lives on the gatbul








 2001 Gucha islands

2001. The road to Nocsan light


The journey of october


A windy day at N. market  



















































  *  All the pictures were made with the Leica M3 and  35 f2 summicron 8 elements, 50mm elmar & summicron DR.

   They are the greatest equipments for me and I am really happy having wonderful picture time with them.







  A rainy day of Youngjong Gatbul   

 The last autumn  of Ungyun-ri   2002.


 The human on the gatbul 

Taean province



Reeds of Sunchunman                         Maehiangri & Asan                            Byonsan peninsula 


 Ungdo 2002.


  The memory of Ducgyori



 On the way to Ungyun island 2002.










 Main gallery            The Journey of October               




   The way   

 in fog


Fractions of memory









 The city of joy

- underconstrution




















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